Speak slowly and clearly

Having three internet and mobile savvy kids and a mom who works online means that we embrace some of the more common memes (and some of the less common ones as well) as part of our family joking around with one another.

That’s all well and good, until my husband gets involved, and we end up trying to explain the incomprehensible to someone who is dead set on being literal, just to tick the rest of us off.  He trolls us so hard, and we just keep trying.

Anyway, this weekend, one of the kids said “Weesnaw” in reaction to something, and my husband was mystified.  He demanded to know what “weesnaw” meant, and when we tried to explain, he refused to accept our descriptions, and instead held up his phone to his face and said “What is Weeeeeesnaaaaaw.”  His phone gave him the urban dictionary definition, which is fine.  Same thing we were trying to explain.

This whole notion of talking at your phone is kind of hilarious to me.  I finally got a phone with Siri, and it’s great to be able to verbally set alerts and things, but, like my husband, I still talk very deliberately and draw out words into long, drawling pronunciations that one might use when communicating with someone who is struggling to understand.  I also talk louder, because that helps too.  I’m sure of it.



We’re into the Month of Jenny, as I like to call my birthday month, and I’m 42.  Welcome, friends.  Enjoy my month.

We celebrated with Japanese food, a day off from work and sarcastic cards from the kids, including a real gem from my oldest that featured a message spelled out in cat poop and a reminder that I’m now one year closer to being able to join in the skeleton wars.  Don’t ask.

When I turned 41, I told my kids about Yvonne announcing that she was Forty-FUN. And we decided that 42 was Forty-Woo, and 43 was Forty-Whee but all bets were off because 44 is FORTY-WAR.  Look out in two years, is what I’m saying.