Summertime, and the living is easy (for kids)

I had a three day weekend, and boy howdy, was it appreciated. Things have been a little ragged lately – my calendar looks like an enthusiastic graffiti artist had a good time with it.  Summer school started for my one kid, the other two have been doing minimal chores and staying in their pajamas all day and my husband has been out of town on the first of several week-long business trips.  I’ve got several of my own trips planned for business, and I honestly don’t know how I’m going to get everything done.

But! I am determined to do fun things as a family this summer, and so we saw Jurassic World.  It was great.  Then we came home and watched this silliness:

Really, the raptors on motorcycles would have been sa-weeeeet, and we missed Dr. Ian Malcolm but other than that, we enjoyed the heck out of it.

Anyway, Saturday we did some stuff, I don’t even remember what, but had a nice day. And then Sunday, we headed to the beach. In typical Sonoma County coast fashion, it was overcast and cool, but we had a blast anyway. I took a bunch of photos with my Big Girl Camera, and did a Periscope broadcast from the beach, until my kids started talking about farts and other rude things and I decided MAYBE that’s not what I should be broadcasting to the world. Or, like, the seven people who were watching when that started up. Sorry about my rude kids, random internet strangers!

Coming home, I had a bit of a Sunrise, Sunset moment looking at the photos – we’ve taken so many pictures at the beach over the years. They just keep getting bigger, but they act the same.Sunrise Sunset

Anyway, we had a great time playing in the sand and no one barfed in the car on the windy roads home. Victory!


Somehow, it’s June.

Summer break from school is here, suddenly. Yesterday morning, the kids slept in and then had different plans for the afternoon – my youngest had a pool party to attend, my oldest wanted my help to create a resume so she could apply for her first job this summer, and my son planned to catch up with friends online and make plans for seeing the first showing of Jurassic World next week.  We also previewed a few gyms and decided on the one closest to the high school, since I’ll be headed that direction most of the summer anyway, because one of my kids has summer school.

I’m struggling to find the celebratory spirit this year, although for the first time in many years, I’ve already got some long weekends planned from work, and a full week of vacation following BlogHer 15, too.  I think it’s just a culmination of an incredibly busy and stress-filled year with lots of highs and plenty of lows. I think my adrenal gland is burned out like my poor dog Donna’s. She has to get shots in her butt once a month, and coincidentally, I ALSO had to get a shot in the butt recently, for giving myself a horrible rash after trying a new lotion.

Anyway, June is here, with our characteristic socked-in, foggy mornings and pleasant afternoons. I’m growing my little garden of strawberries, tomatoes and the herbs I use all the time – cilantro, thai basil, parsley, mint – and plotting some home improvements. I’m also plotting some family weekend plans so we don’t look back at this summer like we did last summer, and think – what the hell happened? Did we do anything?

Here’s what I’ve got so far:

1) Santa Cruz “Mystery Spot” and Beach Boardwalk, possibly the Winchester Mystery House as well because that would be a good theme. (Maybe I can dress like Velma? Must create a pinboard of inspiration.)

2) Tent camping trip, somewhere pretty. Bodega Dunes, or Hendy Woods or somewhere with a swimming hole.  Need to investigate and reserve dates.

3) Russian River canoe trip unless the drought means we’d basically have to carry the stupid canoe through 3 inches of water most of the way down, because that sounds like too much work.

4) Outdoor movie party

5) Beach picnics

6) Giants game