Willy nilly

Well, I’m proud to say that here we are, three weeks into the school year and my children are FINALLY ready for the new school year.  Ha!

This was a spectacularly manic summer, starting with the last month of school and culminating with me spending the last three days trying to catch up on all the things I neglected over summer.  The biggest thing I’ve neglected is myself, which seems pretty stupid in hindsight.  I finally got into the dentist after rescheduling 6 times due to unexpected meetings or travel.  I finally renewed my thyroid meds after forgetting 9000 times to fast so I could take my blood tests so I could get my prescription renewed.  I even started taking some B-Vitamins, because they are supposed to help the body process stress or something.  I had lost my fitbit, and stopped walking (much) because why bother if there are no blinking lights?  I kid.  The blinking lights aren’t that big of a motivator.  My treadmill desk has been underused.

I keep wanting to finish this post on a triumphant note, about how I’m turning it all around, and I’m taking the time for me, blah blah blah.  I’m not. Maybe next week.  For now?  I’m going to blast through this four-day work week like a boss, and feel triumphant about the fact that my kids actually have clean laundry.


Getting Schooled

The 2014-2015 school year has been underway for practically two weeks, and I’m just now getting around to writing about it:

First of all, my baby is now a big 6th grader:

And then my other two are both in high school – 10th and 9th grades:

For the first time since my first one entered kindergarten, we didn’t walk at least one kid to school – both the middle and high school are too far for walking.  I pulled up in front of the middle school on my youngest’s first day, planning to park, but she leaped from the still slightly-moving car, blew me a kiss and was off.  I was going to walk her to class, but she was gone before I blinked.  My older two at least allowed me to pull into a parking space before they jerked their chins in my direction as a farewell, grunted and disappeared onto campus.

Life had been really busy in the weeks leading up to the  first day of school.  We bought backpacks and grabbed random supplies from Target, but it wasn’t accomplished with much thoroughness or strategy.  We packed lunches and threw them in unlabeled backpacks and hurriedly unwrapped folders and binder paper and tossed it all in, and hustled out the door.

There was a lack of ceremony this year.  I suppose that’s okay.  I pulled into my driveway at 8:05 am, and turned the key to silence the engine.  I sat there for a minute, waiting for the inspiration to jump and shout at the prospect of working in a deserted house.  It didn’t come naturally, so I did a brief, hopping dance as I walked up the walk, and life resumed at regular speed.