Frosty Window Panes

The old heater in our house needed to be replaced this week, after we noticed that flames were coming OUT of the furnace and scorching the metal. We turned it off, got some bids, and now I have a new heater, and no one is likely to die in a fire or carbon-monoxide disaster.

Home maintenance costs make me feel like an adult. A grumpy adult.

Of course all of this coincided with the first frost of the year – waking up to a chilly 22 degrees this morning made me very appreciative that we were able to get a new heater in quickly. My oldest left for school with the hubs, and I took the other two kids to school. I dropped my youngest off and headed out into the country, where my son’s school is located. My son likes to monologue about whatever may be on his mind while we drive, but this morning, he was silent, watching the scenery pass by. I was lost in my own thoughts for a few minutes, but finally noticed how quiet our drive was, and asked what he was thinking about.

He said he was observing how the world looked brighter with a layer of frost, and how the subtle differences (he pronounced it Sub-Tull) in the refraction of the light really made everything feel different, even though it is the same stuff, just more sparkly.

We both thought about that for the rest of the drive, quietly observing.


  1. I miss those drives. I have two sons who will often tell you what they are thinking, but the oldest one is different and getting him to speak openly about his thoughts is akin to tooth extraction. That said, I miss those days. I really do.

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