Suddenly Summer

Two Thursdays ago, my fifth-grader finished her final day of Elementary School with field day that left her sporting a greasepaint mustache.  We drove to the high school to pick up my freshman, who arrived clutching her gym uniform and shoes and miscellaneous goodies from the locker she rarely used.  We drove home and both girls disappeared into their typical spaces, while I tried to get back into the rhythm of my workday.

Time flies when you’re having fun, right?  So that could explain why this school year felt 700 years long this year.  Clearly, the kids have grown and grown this year, and they are now a foot taller with sideswept bangs because full bangs are SO LAST YEAR, MOM.

End of School 2014

My son’s promotion ceremony was last Thursday, and we’re all heaving a giant sign of relief that we’re done with homework and special projects and permission slips and writing checks for a month or two.  We’re ready for a slower pace.  Yahoo!

End of School by Tree


  1. OMG the growth and style…Just delightful!