Joy, of the almond variety

‘Tis the season of the Fun Size bar. Here we are, just a few days removed from Halloween, and I don’t know if my kids are even going to trick-or-treat this year. The oldest is going to a party being put on for high schoolers by the Gay-Straight Alliance or something. I should find out more about that, right?  The other two may go trick-or-treating with friends, but I’m not committed either way.  My niece and nephew are at that age where trick-or-treating SOUNDS like fun, and they are super cute in their costumes, but they go like four houses and break down in screaming tantrums on random lawns and get exhausted by having to walk around wearing a full body suit of some adorable variety.  So I kind of doubt that they will do more than a few quick houses and then off to home for baths and bed.

This means I’m going to have to buy my own Almond Joy bars this year, most likely, and I’m pleased to say that I’ve successfully already polished off all of the ones that came in the big multi-pack that I bought to prepare for the four trick-or-treaters we get every year.  I’m secretly hoping I’ll burn myself out on them by concentrating my consumption before the holiday.  It might be working.  I tried this tactic a few years ago with Butterfingers, and now they just don’t tempt me, but mostly because I don’t like to scrape them out of my molars.  I’m not going to turn one down if you insist.



  1. Almond Joys. I knew I liked you.

    Also, don’t count on burning out. It won’t happen. Err, I heard that from a friend.

  2. My husband will MAKE the 12 year old stay out for the full two hours, coming home to dump candy to make his load lighter a few times throughout the evening. And, I will eat every Twix in the pile.

  3. In years past, it was not unthinkable to send the kids back to the houses with the good candy “by accident” on our way back home from our loop around the neighborhood. The Twix Tax is For Reals, Momo.

  4. My name is Rita Arens, and I like Laffy Taffy.

  5. Ha! Love this post. So cute. And, HeeHeeHee…look at what I found on Pinterest today:

  6. One year we went to a house that was giving away full sized Hershey bars, Reese’s, and Kit Kats. It was magical.

  7. We only buy trick-or-treat candy we don’t like. Too dangerous otherwise.

  8. My husband and I made a HUGE mistake last night…We got Halloween candy…Big bag.
    I had weird sugar induced dreams last night.
    And I still have 2 nights to go before that candy starts leaving my house going some place else other than my mouth.:)
    It’s all good. This too shall pass 🙂

  9. HA, this post is great. My daughter is at the tender age of “What is Halloween?” and “Is that really Queen Elsa over there?” – this should be fun. She doesn’t even know what candy is yet!

    • Oh man, that’s the best! You can use her cute to score the candy, which she doesn’t know is the WHOLE POINT. Work it, mama!

  10. I learned my lesson to never buy Halloween candy when I’m hungry. Or have a hungry 7 year old with me. We have enough chocolate to treat an entire army of costumed kids. And I’m eating a Mr. Goodbar right now.

  11. I’ll stock up on the Reese’s Cups! Not an Almond Joy fan. Luckily I still have one trick or treater, but his days are numbered I think.

  12. Great post! We always buy a multipack of candy and then one person knocks on the door, so UNFORTUNATELY, we have to eat them all ourselves! 😀