You’re not behind, just start where you are

2015 was the year of getting things done, but, like, in a really messy, disorganized way.

I had my gall bladder out last January. My job has been a white-water rapids – exciting, turbulent and always full of furious paddling. We shopped for and bought a new house and moved in, all in a month last August and September. I took my girls with me to NYC for BlogHer 15, and took my son with me to Chicago for BlogHer Food 15.  I hosted Thanksgiving at our new house, and had a hysterectomy in December, which meant that Christmas was pretty low-key this year. That’s the highlights – there have been a thousand other events and projects and learning opportunities, and while I can’t say I managed everything with grace and dignity, I’m definitely alive, healthier than ever and happy to be in a new home, with my famiily (mostly) thriving.

I didn’t make any new years resolutions this year. We spent the night at home, and both my husband and son conked out around 10:30, and the only reason the girls and I made it to midnight was because we were watching a marathon of Drunk History episodes together. At 12:01, we were bolting for our beds and by 12:05, we were passed out.  Drunk History is probably not one of those shows I should be marathoning with my impressionable children, but I take it as an opportunity to discuss drinking responsibly. At least I think that’s what I was doing, besides laughing like a donkey at the creative retellings of historical events.

So, 2016 started off pretty mellow, all things considered. My son managed to fail TWO classes last semester from failing to do his &$#@&!!!1!  homework on the regular. He’s TOTALLY my kid with his “I’m so special, I shouldn’t have to do homework because it’s boring” is something I understand intimately. I thought about pulling him out of the subjects where he failed, and making him redo them next year or something, but then I decided to enroll him in online repeats of the classes he just failed while he’s concurrently enrolled in the second semester at school. If all goes according to my evil plan, he’ll be caught up with no loss of credits by summer, and no summer school.  So far so good.  One thing is for sure, he’s totally contributing to my rapidly graying hair.

So, when we moved in September, I kept getting busy and forgetting to color my hair. My long-time stylist retired over the summer, right before I was due to get my color done for #BlogHer15. So, yeah, I was a bit silver at the temples during the summer conference, and then I picked up a box of color and covered my grays one more time, and then all hell broke loose, we moved, I kept putting it off, and then BlogHerFood15  rolled around in November, and I was still not freshened up on my color, and then it was the holidays and surgery, and somehow, I’ve got almost 3 inches of grown out natural Jenny hair color.

I’ve got no doubt it may make me look older to run around with brindled hair that ranges from almost black to pure white, with lots of variation in there, but it’s kind of cool, after probably 15 years of coloring my hair, to see what exactly my scalp is pumping out these days.  I like the silver, too.  It’s probably too early for me to stop coloring my hair, but I’m going to see what happens for the next few months.  I can always start coloring again, but I’m pretty happy with the experiment so far. Less artifice in 2016 sounds like a good plan.

Since my surgery, I’ve been really noticing how stiff and inflexible I’ve become. Now that I’m no longer trying to contort myself around a giant swollen uterus, I’m thinking of taking up yoga again, especially before bed. I typically read myself to sleep, but either the books I’m reading, or the fact that my husband and I have been watching Orphan Black before bed, means I’ve been having some really strange dreams. Maybe an evening yoga practice would make for milder dreams?

Anyway, onward! Maybe semi-regular blogging will happen this year!  Probably not.