Overachieving underachiever

Alright 2016, I’m ready for you to just chill out for a bit.  There’s just been too much going on in the last few weeks.

I just got back from NYC a week ago, and my husband was supposed to be on a business trip all week this week, but he had to rush home and the off again to help his dad with some medical issues.

Meanwhile, I managed to get all the rest of us to the eye doctor for checkups, and both my older daughter and I will have glasses, although mine are very mild, only for one eye, and really meant to help reduce eye strain when I work.


Anyway, I also managed to get my youngest into the orthodontist – what I meant to be an evaluation and date-setting for future braces turned into a next-day appointment and a face full of metal for my smallest kid. Surprise braces are the best braces.

In the meantime, we’re doing some house renovations that aren’t moving along as quickly as I’d like, but they are moving nonetheless. I’m sort of done with writing checks, signing credit card slips and stuffing my purse full of receipts and appointment slips.

Work has been nutso too – the first part of the year is usually when we kick off big projects and make changes, and I’ve got a lot of really cool projects ahead.  Here’s the thing, I’m a good multi-tasker in one or two areas of my life at any given time, and although I’m really a single-tasker at heart, I’m fine with juggling.  There are so many different things going on both personally and professionally lately that I’m always a few minutes late, a few dollars short and a few phone calls or emails behind where I’d like to be by the end of the day.

It seems like everyone I talk to is flailing a bit this year. I’m accomplishing a ton, and yet I still feel like I’m perpetually behind. I’m going to take this gift of a long weekend and try to get myself aligned – either by pushing harder, or letting go of some of the things I can’t do well right now.