I’m getting a cold.

My kids have all been sick and missing school for a day here and there.  I’ve been dealing with itchy eyes and runny nose but I’ve been telling myself that it’s allergies.  Because I can’t be sick.  I don’t have time for sick. But yeah, it’s pretty undeniable, I’m itchy and twitchy and generally feeling awful and looking longingly at the bed just beyond my office door.

This cold has been a pretty lousy one, too.  The kids have had horrible sore throats, fevers and swollen sinuses. I’ve been sympathetic, but from five feet away.  Did I mention that I can’t be sick?  I can’t.  Earlier today, I thought I might be having some sort of visual aura onset of a migrane, but then I remembered I have special glasses for the computer now, and that fixed it.

Then I thought my throat was really getting sore, but I realized I just needed some water and to stop mouth-breathing while I work.  Mouth breather.  Stop it.

No, I’m actually not getting a cold, because I can’t be sick.  (I’m getting a cold.)