Summer 2016 Recap

Wow.  Since my last scintillating update, months have passed.  MONTHS.  My oldest daughter turned 17, my son gave me gray hairs a-plenty as he kept us guessing if his GPA would be sufficient for him to stay at his high school (it was, but barely and it felt like a total family effort) and my youngest won Student of the Month for May at her Middle School, but they didn’t actually have an awards ceremony, so we found out by getting the certificate in the mail two weeks into summer vacation.

That’s pretty much how 2016 has been – milestones whizzing by, expending a lot of effort to barely scrape by, and kudos that arrive weeks late, with none of the fanfare.  That’s just how it goes sometimes.

Needless to say, I was pretty fried by the time the end of the school year was in the cross-hairs and we booked a trip to Maui to kick off the summer. The kids will get out on Thursday, and we’ll be on a plane on Friday, we said.  It will be so awesome and relaxing, we said.

And it was – but we all agreed that perhaps a day or two to decompress between the end of a brutal school year and heading to the airport would have been a better plan.

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We made do.  As one does. We made fools of ourselves, drank coconut water straight from the coconut, spent hours in the water and basked in the warm weather.  It was lovely, and over too soon.  We did some touristy stuff, but mostly we just hung out in our well-appointed condo and at the beach at the bottom of the complex.