Just run me over now.

My son just passed his driver’s permit test, and that means that I have two student drivers in the family, neither of which are particularly interested in driving, but it is HAPPENING.  So many life lessons happening around this, too. First of all, my oldest had a permit that she held so long with so few hours of practice that it expired, and we have to redo the process. My son decided that he could just wing it on permit test day last week, and ended up flunking the test. He was able to retest and pass today, but he’s learning, once again, that studying actually helps. Who knew, right?

I assumed that my husband would be the one taking the kids to drive, as he tends to roll with more risky stuff than I do, but he apparently can’t handle the stress of it all. No, he can’t handle it, so I’m the one white-knuckling it in the passenger seat, doing Lamaze breathing and wracking my brain for driving routes with generous right-hand shoulders and moderate speed limits.

I need these kids driving, because I am really darn tired of being the solution that helps them get from point A to points B and beyond. They have a car waiting for them in the driveway. They just need to embrace the call of the road.

Even with the absolute desire on my part for the kids to be independently mobile, and wishing that I had a more relaxed approach to teaching them to drive, I’m still not exactly well-equipped. My jaw is aching from clenching my teeth and stretching my face into a tight, fake smile while my daughter navigates her way around the neighborhood, one jerky turn at a time. I can only imagine what my son’s first jaunts will unleash. I am already going gray. Perhaps I will be bald.



  1. Oh my gosh, the job of being co-pilot while my kid is learning to drive has completely fallen on me too! I am generally a nervous passenger, so I really thought that it would be better for everyone if someone else did it but it has turned into my job and we’ve been doing fine. I hear you about hoping for “generous right-hand shoulders and moderate speed limits”. Add in crossing your fingers for patient drivers in the vicinity and not too much traffic (we’re in SoCal) and we’re in the same boat. Mine also failed the written part the first time due to overconfidence and lack of preparation. Here’s to good drivers…may we be them and may we raise them!

    • Solidarity! I’m crossing my fingers that I can get through with some shreds of dignity intact 🙂 So glad it’s going well for you!