Something for everyone

After a decade working with content creators across dozens of niches, you’d think that I wouldn’t be taken aback by much on the internet these days. I’ve fallen down some pretty spectacular holes on YouTube in particular, and have ended up with a playlist of strangeness that will jolt me out of a bad mood almost instantly, just by thinking about them.

I’m taking an online course right now on Facebook marketing, so when I walked past my son’s computer this morning, and saw him surfing down a page with a bunch of ant photos, I stopped in my tracks. Right now, there are over 18,000 people who have liked a Facebook page about ants, and I don’t know how to feel about that. I told my son as much, and he pointed out that the guy (of course it’s a guy) who runs the ant page also has over a million YouTube followers for his videos about ants.

Leaving aside my minor issues with ants (they’re fine, except in the house) I have to admit I’m impressed that this guy, and his passion for ants and ant-keeping clearly keeps him motivated to create content, and he’s managed to connect with other people who are as into ants as he is. It reinforces what I’m learning in the course I’m taking, and simultaneously makes me wonder if I’ll ever be into anything as much as this guy is into ants. Of course, building content doesn’t always have to be about your own personal passions – it is about understanding the needs of your anticipated audience and giving them what they want or need (and other factors contribute, of course.) It’s fun to spend time creating content about things that you are super excited about. I just don’t have That One Thing that keeps me endlessly enthusiastic (yet).

I’m questioning everything in my life right now.