That rock and roll lifestyle

It’s 8:20 PM on a Sunday night, and the teenagers are in full swing, doing teenager things. Homework, online gaming with friends, eating after-dinner snacks, and in general, they appear to be planning to be awake for another couple of hours. Meanwhile, I’ve been in my pajamas since 4 PM, and am debating if I’m even going to bother fronting with the kids when the question why I’ve disappeared under the covers before 9.

(We stayed up until midnight to see a Blue Oyster Cult show with our friends this summer. We slept in until 11 am the next day because we are old.)

I’ve read a lot of studies about how the light in September makes some people depressed, and I guess I understand. The shorter days, the cooler temperatures, the changing angle of the sun, it makes my lizard brain want to hibernate. My husband just danced by my desk (which is outside our bedroom) and leaped into bed. I give him five minutes and he’ll be snoring.

I honestly don’t know how people stay on top of their favorite TV shows, or have regular evening plans, or who are willing to sacrifice sleep to accomplish goals. I’ve found that I’m at my best when I’ve had a solid 8 hours of sleep (and 9 is even better.) That means early bed times, because our day starts at 6 AM at the latest most days. I know why we are like this, but it still makes me laugh. My memories of my hard working parents at my current age involved them up, watching TV, folding laundry or having adult conversations. They were never bolting for bed while the last rays of sun still shine in the sky. That time was valuable for them to unwind, reconnect and prepare for the next day.

I’ve never been much on being prepared – we end up winging it quite a bit. And now that the kids are older, they manage their own next day prep. For me and the hubs, reconnecting often looks like a few minutes of footsie and laughing about something ridiculous from the day before we conk out to the sounds of our children still moving through their nighttime routines.