The downside of weight loss

I’m just going to blurt it out. I need new bras, you guys, because I’ve lost 40 pounds, and I’m pretty sure most of it came off my boobs. Oh, to be sure, it has disappeared from other places too – my face shape is changing – I’m down a chin!

But seriously, why can’t the inches disappear from my stomach instead of my chest? WHY? Bras are one of those things that you have to try on at the store, too, which means I can’t just online shop myself to victory. No, I have to go into one of those fitting rooms with terrible lighting and fun-house mirrors and wedge the girls into spandex and lace contraptions that will make the most of my newly less-abundant bazooms.

So, you know, if you happen by a fitting room in the next few days, and hear a woman softly crying and singing Lift Us Up Where We Belong to her chest, say hi.



  1. Oh, speak girl! It’s no fun buying bras after weight loss. I seem to lose only from the boobs and the sides of my skull (so my glasses slip), but not from the belly or the rear. I nearly died when I read that last line!

  2. Oh, I totally buy my bras online! (After making sure there is a good return policy.) Congratulations on your weight loss!

  3. Our Nordstroms has the best bra fitters! Or a little lingerie shop is good, too. Maybe we can meet in the city and bra shop? xo

  4. Congrats on losing 40 pounds! Sending good bra-finding vibes your way. (All my bras suck so I have no advice.)

  5. Hey girl, congratulations on your new bod, boob losss and all! I find that Target has a huge range of bras, and you can take in 10 at a time. A good place to find “in between” bras while you are on your way to your weight destination….