Operation Sparkle Recovery

It is 7:30 am on Saturday. I am propped up in bed, cup of coffee steaming gently in my hand. My comforter is covered with cat hair, and my laundry hamper is overflowing. I take another sip of coffee and listen to the sounds of birds in the redwoods outside my open window.

The caffeine is hitting my system now – and the sounds of the neighborhood waking join the birds. Cars swish, the jangle of a leash and tags as a neighbor passes by with her dogs. My own dogs are frolicking in the yard, and my cats are lined up, demanding kibble and attention. Another sip.

I am a bit jittery now – I don’t usually have real coffee – but I am trying to shake off the haze of another long week, restless sleep and the funk that comes with an overwhelming list of undone projects. I meant to meditate this morning to set myself up for a serene approach to my to-dos. After a brief attempt at a guided meditation, I am going to ride the jittery wave to tackle a few physical tasks. Mindfulness will come later.

My coffee is cold now. I swig the last mouthful and return the stare of my cat, who has joined me on the bed. It’s time to get moving.