Spring Fever

The kids are out of school next week for Spring Break, and after a couple of good rainstorms that California desperately needed, the skies are once again blue. The weather is absolutely perfect, and I’m loving looking out the window from my desk and watching the leaves opening on the trees, and the blue sky beyond.

Still, seeing the gorgeous outside is triggering my senioritis a bit early this year.  I’ve got so much to accomplish, both personally and professionally, and my mind is trying to convince me to go roll around on my back with my legs and arms in the air in the sunshine.

It has been strange adapting to living in a two story house.  Because our bedroom and bathroom is up high, and our weird little toilet room has a window that looks out onto all the mature trees, my husband says it’s like he’s pooping in nature.  In the treetops even!  We aspire to lofty greatness here at the Circus.  Maybe I should hook him up a zipline to the backyard.  What I really need is a laundry chute, but there’s time for that in the future.  Right now, we just need to get through the end of the school year, and then we can tackle more weird projects that involve getting things from upstairs to downstairs in a novel way.

I do want to plant some veggies and fruits while the kids are out on break. My oldest loved helping select plants for our container garden last year, and I think we’ve learned from our mistakes of last year enough that we might get a decent crop of veggies if we actually listen to advice from people who know how to keep green things alive. We’ll see, though. I like the idea of gardening much more than the actual act of gardening.

I’m getting a cold.

My kids have all been sick and missing school for a day here and there.  I’ve been dealing with itchy eyes and runny nose but I’ve been telling myself that it’s allergies.  Because I can’t be sick.  I don’t have time for sick. But yeah, it’s pretty undeniable, I’m itchy and twitchy and generally feeling awful and looking longingly at the bed just beyond my office door.

This cold has been a pretty lousy one, too.  The kids have had horrible sore throats, fevers and swollen sinuses. I’ve been sympathetic, but from five feet away.  Did I mention that I can’t be sick?  I can’t.  Earlier today, I thought I might be having some sort of visual aura onset of a migrane, but then I remembered I have special glasses for the computer now, and that fixed it.

Then I thought my throat was really getting sore, but I realized I just needed some water and to stop mouth-breathing while I work.  Mouth breather.  Stop it.

No, I’m actually not getting a cold, because I can’t be sick.  (I’m getting a cold.)