Halloween 2017

NaBloPoMo Day #2

I wonder if these are on super discount now, because I regret not bringing them home.

Halloween was a bit of a flop this year. Nothing was usual this year, though. After the fires, we’re missing an entire neighborhood full of people in our immediate area, and most of our neighbors were not home, or weren’t handing out candy or something. I know this because we had some families come by our house two or three times, with the kids excited and the parents apologetic, because we were one of the only houses for the kids to trick-or-treat at.

My usual strategy for Halloween has been to buy candy well beyond our needs for trick-or-treaters, focusing on my personal favorite varieties, and then spending the month of November using fun-size candy bars as a reward for pretty much any action. Folded a load of laundry? That’s a treatable achievement. Paid bills? Give me one of those tiny little bars of goodness. Made a cup of coffee? FUN SIZE ME. Mostly because coffee + chocolate is a good mix.

But I’m not eating sugar or flour anymore, so I was careful this year not to over-buy candy. We gave away most of two big Costco-sized bags of candy, and a bunch of glow necklaces and spider rings, and then we were done, left with some random mini-packs of Swedish Fish and some sticky eyeballs that aren’t edible but look like they could be, so I didn’t give them out. The kids were less than enthused with my determination not to keep myself swimming in temptation for days and days.

My daughter said “Mother, I am off to war” on her way out the door. My son just said “Da!”

Anyway, the kids didn’t trick-or-treat at all this year. My oldest had a friend over to watch a movie, and my youngest helped hand out candy all evening. My son took his computer to a LAN party at a friend’s house, sans costume.  Midweek Halloweens always sort of suck, but this year was just extra meh.


That said, the costumes my youngest two pulled out were funny. My daughter wore a child-size Revolutionary War uniform we picked up on our trip to Mount Vernon, and my son wore his Russian hat and a faux wolf-pelt that I picked up with the goal of being a bloody Little Red Riding Hood, but ran out of time and interest in pulling off this year.

I would also like to point out that it is dark in this photo that we took BEFORE LEAVING FOR SCHOOL IN THE MORNING OMG. I’m so ready for the switch to standard time.

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  1. You only have to wait one more day for the switch!
    We just moved to our house this year so I wasn’t sure how trick-or-treating would be in our new neighborhood. It stinks. We had one boy come over and that was only because my friend brought him over! SO glad I also was light on candy this year. Oy.

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