Bonus Kid Birthday

My oldest daughter’s boyfriend is turning 21 today, and we’re barbecuing hamburgers and celebrating with an ice cream cake. Turning 21 during quarantine is definitely the worst – ask my daughter, who celebrated her 21st at the kitchen table with us in March. We had her taste a selection of different wines and she hated all of them. She’s since discovered that she enjoys hard ciders – it’s good to have a go-to option in case.

So I’m a bit mystified that she and her boyfriend picked up a few White Claws for his inaugural birthday booze. (He’s had alcohol before, but doesn’t really like it.) Listen, I guess White Claws are popular with The Youths™ these days, and I haven’t actually ever tried one, but alcoholic seltzer is just not my thing. I’ll be over in the corner, silently judging and muttering about how we did things back in the day.

Here they are looking fancy at my sister’s wedding:

I’ve been threatening to take faux-formal portraits of each member of the family with our quarantine looks. I’m a bit mortified that we’re all looking pretty damn rough, but I also think if we’re willing to walk around with overgrown hair and ever-lowering standards, even when we venture out of the house, I want to have a record of it.

I’m sitting here cracking up picturing the setup for this, so clearly it needs to happen. You know those cute families who are doing portraits on their porches or color-themed, matchy-matchy photo shoots? That’s not us right now, not even a little bit. I don’t know if I’ll be able to bring myself to show off the results (but probably, because I am a parenting blogger.)

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  1. They look adorable! Congratulations to them on turning 21! Please give your sister my congratulations on her wedding also. (I will never forget her lending her support to me when I was going through breast cancer. )

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