Fantastic. Really.

My son just got a job today, joining my oldest working at the Starbucks inside our local Safeway. Apparently my daughter will be training him. Hoo boy. I’m pretty sure it will be fine, both of them are much better at following other people’s rules and take pride in doing (paid) work the right way, but I’m already anticipating the stories that will come out of this.

I’m delighted that they’ll both be working in the same place, rather than marinating in the germs from multiple workplaces, but it still makes me a bit nervous. That’s the good thing about being a barista, though – you’re constantly washing stuff, and their little kiosk is pretty barricaded off from the public.

I’m curious to see how my son’s pet peeve (the fact that we have 900 coffee mugs) will intersect with my daughter’s mug collecting tendencies. Will he be swayed? We shall see.

1 thought on “Fantastic. Really.”

  1. I’m at this place. My son *should* have a job and really *needs* one for financial and growing up reasons, but we worry about exposure. His friend works at a grocery store and was exposed. She’s fine, but that was enough to keep him from applying.

    Also, we have two shelves stuffed with mugs. I would have ten if I could.

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