Salad Days

*Like actual salad, not euphamistic salad.

Yesterday, I chopped and washed all 900 heads of lettuce I bought at Costco, and packed it into mason jars, along with peppers, cucumbers, carrots and celery that I chopped up. And then I realized that my fridge doth overfloweth and had to spend a few minutes playing “how old is this?” and “will anyone eat this?” with various takeout containers and family members. I finally freed up enough space to fit my jars, and then remembered that I had been steaming four giant artichokes, with plans to eat them over the next few days. Crap. These four softball sized artichokes weren’t going to fit, no matter what. So I sat down and powered through one of them, and made my oldest eat another, and crammed the other two into the fridge.

Like many of us, I’ve been making poor (but entertaining) choices for food since we’ve been at home all the time. We went into sheltering in place during early Spring, so we were all about stews and chilis and pot roasts. There was lots of homemade bread. I fell off the no-sugar no-flour bandwagon with a thump, and I have basically been rolling around in the wagon ruts for two months now.

But now! Now I have so much lettuce and also precooked beets and a tub of goat cheese as big as my head and another tub of hummus, so I’m running after the wagon. I haven’t started weighing and measuring my food again, but that starts tomorrow.

In other news, get ready for some cranky Jenny posts while I detox off of this sugar and flour garbage again.