As I mentioned, sheltering at home has done some really, uh, special things to our family looks. All of our hair has grown out of any sort of style, I ran out of foundation a few weeks back and finally replaced it just this week, and basically, we’ve been looking a little scrubby. I had a video chat with an old friend today and she was like – wow, your hair is SUPER LONG. And yes, yes, it is, and I should have taken advantage of the brief break in quarantine to get it cut, but here I am, stubbornly rustic. I can probably do that thing where you take two braids and fashion a crown on your head with them now, which could be fun.

ANYWAY. Aside from the hair situation, I’ve been getting this pounding headache – I think the prescription for my glasses needs to be updated, because after a few hours online, I can feel the strain building up. I’ve noticed that when I’m focusing on the computer or on my phone, I hold my jaw in a weird way that creates a lot of tension, and contributes to my headache – it’s always at the top of my head. I’ve been trying to massage my head to get it to release whatever it is. I sort of just poke at my head with my fingers, and hope for the best. (I miss you, cheap reflexology place.)

I have a dime-sized hard lump on the top of my head, and I have had it for years, I guess. It doesn’t hurt, stays the same size, and isn’t remarkable in any way. I think it is from all the times I’ve whacked my head, like that time I knocked myself out at work, or another time when I literally saw stars after clocking my noggin climbing into a taxi in Las Vegas. I’m not concerned in any way, but with all this head massage I’ve been doing, I keep encountering it. I showed it to my youngest, and she asked if I was becoming a unicorn.

Oh, I hope so! But, like, without the horn.