We braved Costco

And I do mean braved. The hubs and I put on our masks, holstered hand sanitizer like a sidearm and headed in. We came out six hundred dollars poorer, and I don’t even know what all we bought. We had a short list going in. The number one item on the list was Metamucil. Ain’t no party like a Three Kid Circus party, because a Three Kid Circus party includes extra fiber at bedtime.

Now we have three types of jerky, 17 heads of lettuce, a brick of cheese the size of my (giant) head and 40 Hot Pockets (maybe it is 50?) and three cartons of milk. And a bunch of other stuff. Including a bonsai tree. Shut up.

Sometimes you need a little tree, okay?

1 thought on “We braved Costco”

  1. I love your show. I’ve ALWAYS loved your show… Your show makes me giggle and not take myself so seriously. And now, I need a tiny tree.

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