Sore at Thor

A week and a half ago, California had a night of incredible lightning storms. These lightning storms resulted in massive, destructive wildfires across the state, but before that became apparent, there were a bunch of us, staring out the windows, clutching our smartphones, hoping to grab a few bolts for the ‘gram.

I’ll admit that I was simultaneously enthralled and horrified at the light-show. We rarely get actual bolts – it’s usually sheet lightning, and accompanied by rain, and this… wasn’t. So I sat at our bedroom window, keeping one eye on the sky and one eye on the four redwood trees in my backyard because I think they are among the tallest in the neighborhood and this is 2020.

The trees made it through unscathed, thank goodness.

Anyway, this isn’t about the trees, actually. It’s about my husband, who is apparently the Old Man Who Yells At Clouds now. This is the man who can sleep through any movie, any sports broadcast on TV (and probably at the stadium as well), and even through a herd of yipping chihuahuas that were kenneled outside our bedroom wall. He was reliably able to sleep, until I bought my Big Ole Windchime, which makes rather low-pitched bonging noises when the wind blows. It is quite resonant, but I think it is lovely.

Let me set the scene for you – it was 2017, the night of the big firestorm that came within a few streets of destroying our home. The winds were blowing at 60+ miles an hour, the sky was orange and raining ash at 2 am, and my husband, while I was running around trying to figure out what was going on, sat up in bed and said TAKE THE SAIL OFF THOSE CHIMES. I HAVE TO WORK TOMORROW. Was he concerned about the fire? No. But the damn wind blowing those chimes was TOO MUCH.

Last October, we had to evacuate again, and as we planned and packed, he was grumbling and irritated about how the wind had disrupting his sleep. And I mean, I sort-of get it. I’m grumpy and anxious and stressed when I don’t get a solid chunk of sleep, but I’m pretty good in an emergency, and almost always kick into action mode first, and then bemoan the sleep situation later. My husband…not so much. I guess maybe being ready to spring to action for 21 years in case a kid calls out in the night has trained me.

Anyway, during this big, weird, loud storm, he was mad that the lightning was so bright that it disrupted his sleep (even with closed blinds!) and the thunder was shaking the house and also those damn wind chimes were bonging away in the wind. His sleep was good and disrupted and it was because of nature. Or Thor. Maybe it was Thor. *Shakes Fist At Sky*