Bits and Pieces

My desk is a cluttered mess right now, full of paper scraps with scribbled notes, several pairs of earbuds, a stack of stationary and letters to answer, and about five different yarn projects in various states of doneness.

Oh, and somewhere under all that is a book on decluttering. I know.

Last night was a rough one for some reason. I’ve been having stressy dreams. Not like, normal bad dreams, although I’ve had plenty of those. No, these are the dreams where as soon as I hit REM sleep, my mind is like, HERE ARE A BUNCH OF UNSOLVABLE THINGS FOR YOU TO SOLVE. NOW. SOLVE THEM NOW.

The inside of my head right about now.

So restful, right?

Anyway, my brain has decided that if my heartbeat speeds up because of stressful dreams, it’s time to boot me back out of REM sleep, and often all the way back to wakefulness. Actually, I don’t remember the last time I had a pulse pounding good dream, so this might just be a bad dream thing, but who knows? Thanks, dystopian reality!

It is a totally jarring experience – it is like someone hits the ejector seat button and I’m flung skyward without warning before crashing back to the ground, with the vehicle I’ve been ejected from leaving me in a cloud of dust.

Last night, after being tossed back to consciousness for the third or fourth time, I heard a very decisive “clack” noise from our wooden blinds in our bedroom. Just once. My thoughts went “cat?” and then “earthquake?” and then I promptly went back into my stress-dream doom cycle for the rest of the night. After waking up this morning, it was indeed a little earthquake that caused my shutters to shudder.

The saving grace is that I had left my phone off my bedside charger and in my bag downstairs, so I didn’t get the Nixle alerts that new evacuations were starting not too far north of me for a new fire, and I didn’t have the ability to jump on twitter and see if that was actually an earthquake.

Okay, true confession time. That is basically my only use for Twitter. If I suspect an earthquake, I’ll check my twitter feed, because guaranteed, no matter what time of day or night, several someones local to me will post “EARTHQUAKE” if something shakes.