How I Eat (& Why): Bright Line Eating

My name is Jenny Lauck, and I’m a recovering sugar and flour addict. Bright Line Eating has changed my life.

Bright Line Eaters follow four simple, straight-forward rules:

1) No sugar (or other natural or artificial sweeteners)
2) No flour
3) No snacks – we eat three meals a day
4) We weigh and measure our food, eating precise quantities and categories of whole foods every day.

(I have this scale, but in green: Joseph Joseph TriScale Compact Folding Digital Scale, White)

We plan and commit to the next-day’s food the night before. We go to bed knowing that tomorrow’s food is already decided, and we do not deviate from our plan.

This sounds over-the-top. Can’t you just eat in moderation?

People who don’t struggle with obsessive food thoughts and for whom eating in moderation is a no-brainer think this rigid structure sounds insane. Congratulations on your healthy relationship with food, y’all. I’m jealous.

For me, food has been entertainment, comfort, a reward and my favorite way to celebrate. Moderation doesn’t work for me – which is why diets where all food options were available resulted in obsessive food thoughts for me. I’d immediately start gaming the system, trying to squeeze in as many treats as possible, resulting in non-stop thoughts about what I would eat next. Instead of relaxing into a new, healthier lifestyle, I viewed these diets as a temporary inconvenience that deprived me of the good stuff and when I hit the magic number on the scale, I could immediately resume eating all my favorite foods.

Guess what? I never hit the number on the scale, and I generally added a few pounds as I abandoned yet another effort.

There’s a saying: when the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I didn’t expect to find my guiding light via a Facebook ad, but there she was, Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, offering up the chance to take a quiz about my susceptibility to sugar and flour. I took the quiz in February 2017, learned that I was a 8 on the scale (which measures how addicted you are to these foods) and watched a series of videos that the team at Bright Line Eating sent along that explained what was going on in my brain, and piqued my interest.

I bought the Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin & Free book on Kindle the day it came out in March 2017. Like so many times before, I devoured this book that promised a solution to my lifelong struggle with my weight in one long session, and I was sold. I was ready to leap in the next morning.

Here’s the thing: I’ve read a lot of books, and tried a lot of plans. What can I say, I’m an optimist, and I love a good sales pitch. I expected to fail, because I have failed repeatedly. I was actually paid to write a weight loss blog for over a year, and I managed to gain 15 pounds. I tried to make peace with my larger, curvier frame, but every year brought ten new pounds and new health issues. I needed to change my lifestyle, but I didn’t believe I could do it. I mean, I *knew* exactly what I was supposed to eat, and what I was supposed to do to live a healthy lifestyle, and my willpower failed me every time. Every. Single. Time.

Bright Line Eating felt different to me, somehow. It confirmed what I had always known about my addiction to sugar, but never wanted to own. I wanted to give it my all, so I enrolled in a Bright Line Eating Boot Camp. I believe this made all the difference in my success. Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson and the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp team have created an incredible curriculum that walks you through the first ten weeks of your Bright Line Eating journey. Each week, you’re presented with a series of short videos that provide insight, support and often, a dose of humor as you work the program. There are live coaching calls, and my favorite part, a private Facebook group for people who are starting around the same time as you. My group has been an incredible resource and support system for me over my journey, and without the structure of the boot camp, I’m not sure I would have had the willpower to stick to the plan.

If you’re interested in learning more, I am happy to send over a referral for you – they’ll email you links to videos and information about the Boot Camp, and you can decide if it’s a good fit for your own goals. Email me at and put BLE Boot Camp in the subject line.

My journey so far:

I started on April 18, 2017 with over 100 pounds to reach my goal weight.
I was taking daily meds for high blood pressure, pre-diabetes, hypothyroidism and had been told that my sleep apnea was getting worse.

As of November 3, 2017:

I’ve released 45 pounds so far, without hunger or obsessive food thoughts.

My blood sugar has dropped well into normal range, and I’ve been able to stop the medication for pre-diabetes.

I’ve been able to drop one of my blood pressure medicines, and cut the second one in half.

My sleep apnea has improved dramatically, and I’m sleeping like a baby.

I am at peace with food for the first time in my life.

I’m also documenting my daily meals on Instagram to keep myself accountable. You can follow me here: BrightLineJenny

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