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Carrot and snow pea stir fry01.04.10

not happy about this oneThe Boy is growing snow peas as part of his elementary school’s garden, and he’s very excited about harvesting and eating “his” peas. Since it will be a while before his peas are ready, I picked up some snow peas at the store, bent on trying to find a good preparation for them.

This self-same Boy has been flirting with the notion that carrots MIGHT be edible. He’s attempted to eat them in several ways already, with varying levels of success. He suggested to me that carrots and snow peas would make an excellent stir fry dish, and before he could wiggle out of it, I was chopping vegetables.

Meet the cast:

Stir Fry ingredients


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Pineapple, Orange Juice and Coconut Milk Smoothie01.02.10

adding the coconut milkMany moons ago, well before I was married with kids, my parents took my siblings and I to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico for a Christmas holiday. We spent a glorious sunny week at a lovely resort, and my mom and I decided that vacation meant that Pina Coladas for breakfast were a-okay with both of us. The hardest decision to be made was whether we would like it served pool side or if we’d like to swim up to the bar. Seriously, that was one of the most relaxed holidays ever.

Since I’m on vacation for the holidays right now, I’ve been craving those tropical flavors. I always seem to have a bag of frozen pineapple on hand, and I had a few cans of light coconut milk in the pantry, so I rallied the kids and announced that we were going to be making pineapple and coconut smoothies.

While the Sous Chef loves pineapple like her mama, both The Boy and the Chef are not fans. It doesn’t matter if it is the sweetest, freshest pineapple in the entire universe. They won’t drink pineapple juice, and won’t eat the fruit. You know what time it is? TIME FOR A CHALLENGE.


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