Chicken soup with invisible spaghetti

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016“You’re a sucker for punishment.”  That’s what my husband said when I announced that it was Chicken Soup Returns:  The Reckoning night.  And I’ll admit, that last go round was tragically off the mark, but this time, I was sticking to classic chicken soup flavors.  And I had little helpers!  It was going to be great!

That’s when the hubs noticed the package of mung-bean noodles on the counter.  His face lit up.  “Invisible Spaghetti!”  I guess growing up, his Korean mom would substitute these clear noodles for wheat-based noodles quite a bit.  With that kind of kid-friendly code name, I figured they’d be a hit in my soup, too.

Here’s what we started with:


Two boxes of organic, free-range chicken broth

Three carrots

1/4 of an onion.  I’ve learned my lesson!

4 cloves of garlic

Three celery stalks

One cooked chicken breast

One package of “invisible spaghetti”

Not pictured, but also used – dried Italian seasoning blend, salt and pepper


Here’s the Chef using one of our absolute favorite kid-in-the-kitchen tool.  This wavy chopper is in constant use in our kitchen, both by me and the kids – it cuts through even the hardest veggies like butter, and makes a pretty wavy pattern to boot.  We bought ours at our local Montessori resource catalog company.


Aaaand into the pot went all the chopped veggies  for a simmer until everything was fork-tender.  Meanwhile, I poured some hot water over the steel wool textured noodles, and hoped they’d soften up by the time the rest of the soup was good to go.  It said 15 minutes on the package, but they were still really stiff and unchewable ten minutes in.


We said a little prayer for the noodles, and moved onto chunking up the chicken.  I’d really like to get organized enough to have things like home-cooked chicken breasts on hand in the fridge for quick recipe assembly.  I tend to buy meat and other “fresh” ingredients in small amounts, only enough for one or two meals, but I bet I’d save a lot of money and effort if I actually planned some of this stuff out better.


Chop chop chop and into the pot, with a sprinkling of Italian seasoning and salt and pepper.

Then, I rinsed the invisible spaghetti and discovered that it was still a little chewy, but eatable.  I grabbed a handful of the noodles and stirred them into the pot of soup, and tossed the rest with some sesame oil and put them in the fridge for another meal.


018The soup was basic, but pretty good.  The Boy rejected the onion and celery after one bite of each, but actually ate a few of the carrots, and all of the broth and chicken.

We were all mystified by the noodles.  I should have whacked them into shorter lengths before adding them to the soup, because they were really, really long.  They didn’t add anything to the meal, besides some entertainment, so it wasn’t horrible, but the soup was just fine without them.

We’ll call this a partial success.

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