New Carrots and Leeks

Posted in Farmer's Market, Fruit, Local Eats, Salad, Savory, Side Dish, Summer, Vegetable, Vegetarian on Jul 15, 2010

123 A few weeks back, we ventured back to the Farmer’s Market here in Santa Rosa.  We came away with baguettes and flowers, honey and cherries and figs and a couple of bundles of new carrots and leeks.  Oh, and some butter.  I’ll get to that in a minute.

We always have a blast wandering around sampling and deciding on what to bring home.  The Boy is more adventurous when faced with tables loaded with fresh-from-the-farm produce, and I’ll admit, I’m even more excited than he is to see him go – ooh, what’s that?  Mom, let’s buy those and try them.

Of course, once we get them home, that’s a whole different story.  Carrots and leeks are both familiar and one of those things I’m negating the try-it-three-times rule on.  The Boy was not that excited about it, but hello?  Look at how cute these carrots are:


I love the one with legs.  I wanted to put pants on it.  But that’s been done. So I just sliced them into little multi-colored coins and did the same thing to the leeks.  Actually, are these leeks, or just really big green onions.  I DON’T KNOW.  Doesn’t matter.  We’re callin’ em leeks.


So, sliced and ready to go, I whipped out my favorite purchase of the day (if you don’t count the cherries, which I ate by the fistful and gave myself a tummy ache.)  Duh duh duuuuuuun.  Organic European Style Butter.  It’s fancy.  You should hold your pinky up while you butter your bread.


I got about two tablespoons scooped out and started melting in my big dutch oven.  Look at the color.  It’s like sunshine.  Fatty, creamy sunshine.  I might have eaten another spoonful of butter before putting the container in the fridge.  Except I wouldn’t admit that outloud because that would be gross.


So, I’m melting!  Melting!  Aaaaaaaah!  And then I added the carrots and leeks and tossed ’em around until they were just tender and smelled like heaven.  I thought about sprinkling them with some all-spice or cinnamon or something but then I decided they were perfect as they were.


This was another one of those meals where I started the veggies and then smacked my forehead and went oh, great WHAT ELSE ARE WE EATING?  And then I ripped up some lettuce and grilled some pre-marinated salmon and remembered I bought some gorgeous raspberries.  Which gave me an excuse to whip out one of the twee-est members of my kitchen arsenal.

Say hello to my little friend.


You totally need a miniature colander, don’t you?  I got mine here.


Here’s the final plate, which the kids made stinky faces over, but ate. Under protest. It’s so tough to have to eat yummy food that you picked out yourself, I know. It is SO, so rough. I’ll call this a partial success because this was a fairly drama-free meal, although the complements to the cook were sadly lacking and we’ll be rehearsing what The Mama wants to hear after she puts a meal on the table.

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2 to “New Carrots and Leeks”

  1. ingrid says:

    Those carrots are cute. Are they sweet than regular one?

    Btw, that carrot with pants link was funny. 🙂
    ingrid´s last blog ..Sticky Toffee Pudding My ComLuv Profile

  2. Wow, you make vegetables look like they’d taste good…even carrots.
    Teachinfourth´s last blog ..Bedtime Stories My ComLuv Profile

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